Message from OHKF President, Apr 2021

    03/03/2021 - 17:00

    Refocusing: A New Look at Land and Housing Crisis

    While politics and electoral reform still dominate the public agenda, we at OHKF are moving forward to refocus public attention on the number one livelihood issue. We define it as a “Deadlock of Triple Lows”: low spade-ready land supply, low housing completions, and low quality of living as Hong Kong people’s small dwellings keep getting smaller and smaller.

    The research brief released by LegCo last month found that property prices in Hong Kong have surged fourfold over the past 15 years. This new high is the backdrop to the “three lows” as set out in our newest research report on land and housing policy, entitled Decisive Moment—Can Hong Kong Save Itself from the Land and Housing Supply Crisis?

    This research report, which attracted massive coverage in the news media, called for resolute government action to cut red tape and speed up administrative and approval processes for land and housing development. The Report also sets out, for the first time in Hong Kong, an exclusive ten-year forecast on public and private housing supply, pointing out the risk that the Government’s long-term housing targets may not be achievable without taking resolute action. Read the report here, and if you prefer a brief summary, find the press release of the report here.

    To promote green finance, we have formed a new partnership with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in co-hosting the first webinar series “Hong Kong Green Finance Association Policy Salon” on 16 March. Prominent experts across the financial sector were invited to explore on the prospects of sustainable banking, while the OHKF also shared our research findings in this area.

    Coming up in the next “INSIGHT FORUM” scheduled for 29 April, Dr Adrian Cheng of New World Development will speak on “Reshaping Hong Kong’s Soft Power through Arts, Business, and Social Inclusion”. An inspiring speaker on an exciting topic. Register for the webinar.

    We are delighted that the Academy of Chinese Studies’ websites were awarded double gold medals by Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme, for The Splendid Chinese Culture and the Liberal Studies section respectively. The Splendid Chinese Culture was also ranked 195th by web analytics in March, the highest-ranking website of this nature in Hong Kong, contributed partly by the popular “Fireflies Read Online” platform of the Academy dedicated to senior primary and secondary school students.

    An Academic Advisory Council on Chinese culture comprising 13 eminent experts and scholars has been set up to provide academic advice to the Foundation, China Institute for Knowledge, and Academy of Chinese Studies. Browse the Council Member list here.

    The MEET Alumni Network has organised two MEETup webinars recently. On 24 March, Microsoft Hong Kong’s National Technology Officer Mr Fred Sheu spoke on AI & Big Data Webinar and shared insights on strategic partnership between start-ups and leading companies. On 16 April, X Social Group Founder Mr Samuel Lam shared the latest trends of the KOL industry and “New Retail” in the e-commerce Webinar, and on embracing new opportunities of tax free zones in the Greater Bay Area.

    The Hong Kong Chronicles Institute has teamed up with Sino United Publishing Group to host an online talk series–“The Making of HK Chronicles & The Story behind Historical Research”, inviting HKU Humanities & Social Sciences Professor Elizabeth Sinn and CUHK History Professor Leung Yuen-sang to talk about the significance and interesting anecdotes of chronicling local history. Watch here.

    In light of the Greater Bay Area Youth Employment Scheme launched by the Government, Our China Story Online Platform has published a special coverage offering insights on the study and working opportunities in the area. View the articles and videos here.

    Eva Cheng
    Our Hong Kong Foundation