Our Hong Kong Foundation

    Our Hong Kong Foundation (OHKF) is a leading non-government, non-profit organisation founded in November 2014 under the chairmanship of Mr C.H. Tung, Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. OHKF’s core mission is to promote and contribute to Hong Kong's long-term and sustained prosperity and stability under the ‘One Country, Two Systems’ principle. It harnesses Hong Kong’s collective wisdom, dynamism, and resilience to take full advantage of the unique opportunities that our country and the two systems together can offer. To fulfil our broad mission, OHKF has set up an array of specialist institutes and platforms. They are the Public Policy Institute, China Institute, SciTech Innovation Platform, Business for Social Good Platform, Academy of Chinese Studies, and Hong Kong Chronicles Institute. 

    The Public Policy Institute

    In furtherance of Hong Kong’s overall interests and sustainable development, the Public Policy Institute engages top experts to delve into policy research and turn their expertise and insights into public policy proposals. The Institute not only develops policy proposals but also sets forth to win public support for their adoption through policy advocacy, thereby influencing Hong Kong’s policy making in a full range of areas including land and housing, economic development, innovation and technology, arts and culture, healthcare, social welfare, youth education, and sustainable development. Advocacy endeavours of the Institute include hosting an ‘INSIGHT FORUM’ series, whereby experts may share their insights on public policy issues. The Institute also leverages social media platforms to spearhead policy proposals with evidence-based analysis from multi-dimensional perspectives, with a view to facilitating public discourse and fostering societal consensus.

    The China Institute

    The China Institute seeks to foster Hong Kong people’s appreciation of the meaning and the opportunities presented by ‘One Country, Two Systems’ through promoting public understanding of the phenomenal growth of modern China. The Institute deploys online and offline promotion strategies to achieve its mission. Offline programmes include the ‘China Masters Series’ and the ‘360˚ View on China’, both featuring top experts from business, political, and academic sectors. Online campaigns are conducted via The Our China Story Online Platform that offers updates on the development in modern China from an engaging on-the-ground perspective. The platform also shares inspiring stories on everyday life and key events in China, presenting the country’s promises and opportunities at a time of mega changes in international political order.

    The SciTech Innovation Platform

    Endeavouring to inspire creativity and foster innovation, the SciTech Innovation Platform organises seminal projects such as the InnoTech Expo and the Mainland Expedition on Entrepreneurship & Technology (MEET). By broadening young people’s horizons, enriching their knowledge, and enhancing their competitiveness, the Platform enables them to embrace the rapid development of the nation and ride on the opportunities and challenges presented by the global wave of technological innovation and advances. 

    The Business for Social Good Platform

    The Business for Social Good Platform converges the wisdom and resources of the business sector, to work with the public sector, statutory agencies and interdisciplinary civil societies towards social innovation, pluralism, and inclusiveness. The Platform encourages corporations to strategically build a social value proposition into business development while fulfilling their corporate social responsibilities, thereby achieving a win-win situation for businesses and the society.

    The Academy of Chinese Studies

    The centrepiece of the Academy of Chinese Studies is its dedicated website, The Splendid Chinese Culture. Through this powerful platform, the Academy crystallises, thematically and systematically, the essence of the past and present in the millennia-long history, civilisation, and culture of China. Bringing this digital treasure trove not only to the public but also to the classroom, the Academy operates a Liberal Studies portal to enrich the local primary and secondary school curriculum, using animated graphics and multimedia learning resources accessible and embraced by students and teachers alike. 

    The Hong Kong Chronicles Institute

    Upholding Chinese people’s time-honoured tradition of chronicling historical narratives for their localities, the Hong Kong Chronicles Institute has embarked on the grand mission of compiling the first-ever complete record of the city’s natural geographical, political, economic, social, cultural, and human transformation throughout the centuries. The Hong Kong Chronicles not only serve as a historical guide but also as an all-embracing authoritative resource to inform and inspire Hong Kong people for posterity.