Our Hong Kong Foundation

    Our Hong Kong Foundation (OHKF) is a Hong Kong non-profit organization registered in September 2014, with a mission to promote the long-term and overall interests of Hong Kong through public policy research, analysis and recommendation. Pooling together local, mainland and international talent, the Foundation studies Hong Kong’s development needs, offering multidisciplinary public policy recommendations and solutions to foster social cohesion, economic prosperity and sustainable development.


    Hong Kong is a land of good fortunes. The round ring of the logo is made up of multifaceted gemstones, representing the Foundation’s work in gathering ideas from different sectors, analyzing issues from different perspectives and producing public policy recommendations that best serve Hong Kong’s long term development needs. Its circular form symbolizes unity, completeness, sustainability and perpetuity, while its rich colors depict energy and hope.


    Hong Kong thrives under one country two systems and shines as a World City of Asia while its people enjoy social stability, economic prosperity and personal growth opportunities.


    Study public policies that affect Hong Kong’s overall interests, identify sustainable solutions to meet its future development needs and advocate to promote social consensus.