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    Education and Youth | Policy Research Series

    08/20/2019 - 15:30

    Applied Education: A Holistic and Flexible Education System for the Digital Age

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    A thriving and sustainable education ecosystem should embrace learners’ diversity and global digitisation. As society continues to evolve, a more modernistic education system is needed to prepare talents for future challenges. Our Hong Kong Foundation is committed to a prosperous future full of hope, where the youth are guided to explore their passions, well-prepared for the future workplace, and motivated to continue learning throughout their lives.

    This report covers a set of policy recommendations to empower Higher Education institutions that provide practically-oriented degree programmes; to strengthen the role of the Higher Diploma in Applied Education; and to reinforce Applied Education and career exploration programmes in secondary schools. It leverages on Applied Education to lay the foundation for a new era, where an alternative, but equitable and sustainable pathway instils learners with confidence, equips them to pursue their aspirations and promotes social mobility.