Ms. Vivien Wai-Wai CHEN

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    Ms. Chen is the Honorary Chairman of Nan Fung Group which was founded by her father, Dr. Chen Din-hwa.  Ms. Chen is also the Founder and the Chairman of the Vervain Group of companies with diversified activities and investments in many parts of the world.

    Ms. Chen is passionate about her philanthropic work which greatly benefits our society at large.  She is the Chairman of The D. H. Chen Foundation, which was established in Hong Kong by Dr. Chen Din-hwa and supports worthy causes in education, medicine, welfare and the promulgation of Buddhism.

    In addition to establishing her own foundation (The Chen Wai Wai Vivien Foundation Limited), Ms. Chen is a governor of her mother’s foundation, Chen Yang Foo Oi Foundation Limited.

    Ms. Chen is also the Honorary President of the Shanghai Fraternity Association (H.K.) Ltd., the International Ningbo Merchants Association Co. Ltd., the Ning Po Residents Association (H.K.) Ltd. and The United Zhejiang Residents Association (H.K.) Ltd.; the Honorary Vice-President of the Shanghai Charity Foundation, a charity set up by the city of Shanghai; Member of the Concerted Efforts Resource Centre; Member of the Board of Governors of the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation; Board Member of the Ronald McDonald House Charities Hong Kong Limited; Special Counsellor of Our Hong Kong Foundation; Trustee of The Better Hong Kong Foundation; Founding Member of the Board of the First Initiative Foundation Ltd.; Member of the Board of Trustees of the Shaw College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; and one of the founders and Board Member of the Hong Kong Eating Disorders Association Limited.