OHKF Leadership Visits LOCPG

    10/19/2023 - 18:28

    OHKF Leadership Visits LOCPG

    (19 October 2023, Hong Kong) Our Hong Kong Foundation’s newly appointed Chairman Mr Bernard Charnwut Chan led the Foundation’s Board of Governors and President Dr Jane Lee to visit the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (LOCPG) on 13 October 2023 and met with LOCPG Director Mr Zheng Yanxiong and Deputy Director Ms Lu Xinning for exchanges of views.

    Mr Chan thanked Director Zheng for LOCPG’s support for OHKF and presented to him the Foundation’s achievements over the last nine years.

    Detailing OHKF’s work scope, Mr Chan noted that the Foundation’s three operating units are the Public Policy Institute, the Academy of Chinese Studies and the Hong Kong Chronicles Institute. The Public Policy Institute will continue to provide support to the HKSAR Government through public policy research and advocacy. New and interactive platforms are being developed to strengthen the connection among the Greater Bay Area, ASEAN, and the regions along the Belt and Road Initiative.

    The Foundation will continue to promote Chinese culture and put forth more efforts in telling the China and Hong Kong story through English language platform.

    On the compilation of the Hong Kong Chronicles, OHKF will ensure that the highest editorial standards are applied and that the project would be completed according to the project timeline.

    Despite the challenges ahead, OHKF as Hong Kong’s leading think tank will embrace its new role and accomplish its new missions with the strong support of our country, Mr Chan said.

    Director Zheng congratulated Mr Chan for his new appointment and the smooth transition of the Foundation’s leadership that would further OHKF Founding Chairman Mr Tung Chee-hua’s dedication to serving Hong Kong and the motherland.

    Director Zheng called on the Foundation to seize the unprecedented opportunities as Hong Kong progresses from restoring social order to creating greater prosperity. By leveraging OHKF’s capacity and brainpower as a think tank, he advised that the Foundation could expand and deepen its research horizon and develop policy innovation to solve the social challenges facing Hong Kong.

    Director Zheng also encouraged the Foundation to leverage on its communication capability to tell the China story well and to share stories of Hong Kong’s success under the "One Country, Two Systems" principle. He added that OHKF could contribute to our country’s foreign affairs by performing citizen diplomacy in the new era. In addition to nurturing and building up talent pools, Director Zheng advised that the Foundation could take in fostering collaborations among think tanks.

    As OHKF is entering into its 10th anniversary next year, it will hold fast to the founding principle laid down by Mr Tung and continue to work closely with all stakeholders for the long-term and sustained prosperity and stability of Hong Kong under the “One Country, Two Systems” principle.

    Group Photo (From the left to right): LOCPG Deputy Director-General of the Department of Publicity Cultural and Sports Affairs Mr Zhang Guoyi, OHKF Vice President Public Affairs & Engagement Ms Louisa Lui, OHKF President Dr Jane Lee, OHKF Governor Mr Vincent Lo, OHKF Governor Dr Allan Zeman, LOCPG Deputy Director Ms Lu Xinning, OHKF Governor Professor Arthur Li, OHKF Chairman Mr Bernard Chan, LOCPG Director Mr Zheng Yanxiong, OHKF Executive Committee Member Ms. Elsie Leung, OHKF Governor Ms Pansy Ho, OHKF Governor Dr Moses Cheng, OHKF Governor Mr Lau Ping Cheung, OHKF Governor Mr Daryl Ng, OHKF Governor Mr Douglas Woo, OHKF Governor Mr Christopher Kwok, LOCPG Head of the Research Department Mr Lei Haiqiu.