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    Our Hong Kong Stories: Martin Barrow

    02/02/2024 - 15:28

    Martin spent time in Hong Kong and across Asia when a 3-month travel around Europe in his gap year in 1962 turned into global travels for over 2 years, which replaced going to university.  In April 1964, Martin arrived in Hong Kong by boat from Vietnam, and spent a whole month in Hong Kong.  He moved to Hong Kong in 1965, spending a total of 22 years in Hong Kong.
    Join us to share Martin’s amazing journey, and his personal views of Hong Kong’s attractiveness at our upcoming “Our Hong Kong Stories” on 27th Feb!
    Martin will be speaking on the critical importance of travel and tourism for Hong Kong, which has so much to offer with such a range of places to visit and things to do, updating on the new projects that are being worked on, including the arts and sports sectors which link in with tourism.
    As “Asia’s World City”, and good connectivity to the Mainland and East Asia, Hong Kong is well positioned to host mega international events.