Mr. Thomas TSO, SBS

    Thomas Tso

    Mr. Tso joined the Hong Kong Government as an Administrative Officer after his graduation from HKU in 1975. Throughout his 37 years of civil service career, Mr. Tso served in various posts including the Director of Community Relations of the ICAC; Deputy Director of Regional Services; Deputy Head of the Central Policy Unit; Deputy Secretary for the Civil Service and Deputy Secretary for Planning and Lands.  

    He also got postings outside Hong Kong, first in 1995 when he was sent by the Government to Singapore to set up the first Economic and Trade Office representing Hong Kong in the ASEAN Region. In 2006, Mr. Tso was appointed Director of the HKSARG Beijing Office.  He held the position until his retirement in 2012, upon when he was awarded the Silver Bauhinia Star in recognition of his contribution to the civil service.

    Since retirement, Mr. Tso has been devoting time to voluntary work.  He sits on the Executive Committee of the HKU Alumni Association, the Council of Centennial College set up by HKU, the Board of the Friends of Dun Huang (HK)(香港敦煌之友), the Board of the Association of China Trend Studies(中國國情研習促進會), as well as the Council of the Academy of Chinese Studies(中國文化研究院).