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    Professor JIA Jiaya - Founder and Board Chairman, SmartMore

    The Innostars Award 2021 winner:

    “Innovation is not just a flash of inspiration, but a process of continuous creation and evolution.”

    Professor JIA Jiaya

    An expert on computer vision, artificial intelligence, and computational imaging, Professor Jia Jiaya transformed himself into a successful business leader in the field of smart manufacturing, reaching a new milestone. He is committed to commercialising his 20 years of academic expertise to advance smart manufacturing and boost the growth of digital innovation. 

    Creating a Leading Smart Manufacturing Enterprise with 20 Years of Expertise 

    After graduating from Fudan University in Shanghai, Professor Jia pursued his doctorate study at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Dr Harry Shum, the then Microsoft’s Executive Vice President, was his mentor. He then joined the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and was promoted to tenured professor and named a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) in just over 10 years. Professor Jia’s prominent achievements and outstanding research experience laid a solid ground for his entrepreneurial development. 

    Enhancing production efficiency has always been the core need of the manufacturing industry. Professor Jia firmly believes that high-quality intelligence will be the industry’s focus. With his eyes set on the enormous market potential of smart manufacturing, he founded SmartMore in November 2019. His goal is to transfer more than 20 years’ of research outcome into products and services, thereby bringing additional commercial value to the manufacturing industry and accelerating the progress of smart manufacturing in China and the world.

    Spearheading a New Wave of Industrial Revolution with Ongoing Innovation 

    Under the leadership of Professor Jia, SmartMore completed four rounds of funding within 18 months, making itself the fastest smart manufacturing technology company to enter the ranks of unicorns. 

    Today, SmartMore has developed its own smart industrial platform, smart sensor products, and digital intelligence solutions. It has helped to significantly improve the quality and efficiency of smart manufacturing for more than 100 leading companies in over 30 sectors such as consumer electronics, automobiles, semi-conductors, new energy, and optical manufacturing. SmartMore is now a global brand name for the Industrial Internet. 

    “Innovation is not just a flash of inspiration, but a process of continuous creation and evolution,” Professor Jia said. “When we have solved the most difficult problems with cutting-edge innovations, we can then utilise the new technologies to benefit the public and generate commercial value.” To this end, he is leading the SmartMore team to encourage manufacturers and even the entire manufacturing industry to actively implement advanced smart applications and products. A new wave of the global industrial revolution is about to begin.