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    Our Hong Kong Foundation “Our Hong Kong Stories” series: Morning Chat Morning Chat with Martin Barrow

    02/27/2024 - 18:00


    Our Hong Kong Foundation was delighted to host “Our Hong Kong Stories” series, featuring Mr Martin Barrow, Advisor of OHKF, Former Chairman of the Hong Kong Tourism Board (formerly the Hong Kong Tourist Association) and Former Member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong as speaker to share his views on the global rebuilding of travel and tourism and its critical importance to Hong Kong. Dr Allan Zeman, Governor of OHKF and Chairman of Lan Kwai Fong Group, attended the event and delivered the Opening Remarks. 

    Martin has spent 22 years in Hong Kong and has always deemed Hong Kong as a vibrant and splendid city. “Hong Kong maintaining an international outlook and everything, and the critical importance of the core message from a long time ago. Asia’s world city, where open to the whole world. So to make sure that happens and so much to do and see across Hong Kong. City areas are great and all over the place is fantastic,” Mr Martin Barrow remarked.

    “How much of an opportunity there (The Greater Bay Area) was. So, I would say, striking the right balance in Hong Kong with so many priorities. But getting the right link, the GBA is so critical. That’s a good future,” Barrow continued.

    "People are worried about what we are doing in Hong Kong," said Dr Allan Zeman, "they say that it’s not safe and we have lost all our freedom." He stated that, as seeing as believing, the best thing about Hong Kong was going to take a little while for word to get out. He also mentioned that so many visitors came to Lan Kwai Fong and all had said, “The vibrancy in Hong Kong is amazing and this is not what I was expecting.”


    Our Hong Kong Foundation successfully hosted the fourth event of “Our Hong Kong Stories” series.

    (From lest to right) Mr Nury Vittachi, the Moderator, Mr Martin Barrow, the Speaker, Dr Allan Zeman, the Opening Speaker had an in-depth dialogue with the participants.

    The event was graced by leaders from various sectors and the Honorable Bernard Charnwut Chan, Chairman of OHKF (sixth left), and Dr. Jane LEE, President, OHKF (fourth left), took a photo with the honorable guests and all the participants.

    Supporting Organization: The British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong, and Hong Kong Tourism Board

    Venue Support: Lan Kwai Fong Group