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    Statement by Mr CH Tung on the Opening of the Two Sessions in Beijing

    03/05/2021 - 15:30

    The Two Sessions in Beijing this year have set out key agenda that will drive the long-term development of our country, including Hong Kong. They are of profound importance.  

    In terms of national governance, the 14th Five-Year Plan and the framework for “Long-Range Objectives Through the Year 2035” are our country’s far-sighted strategic response to the changing environment, concerning not only the well-being of 1.4 billion Chinese people but will also bring about immense opportunities for world economic growth.   

    For Hong Kong, to fully implement the “Patriots governing Hong Kong” principle and to fully align Hong Kong’s electoral systems with this principle is a key step by the Central People’s Government to ensure the full realisation of “One Country Two Systems”. This is crucial to ensuring the well-being of the 7.5 million people of Hong Kong and also provides solid safeguards to Hong Kong’s long-term prosperity and stability.    

    Since the handover, China’s determination to implement “One Country Two Systems” in accordance with the Constitution and the Basic Law remains unchanged, China’s determination to protect Hong Kong people’s rights and freedoms under the law remains unchanged, China’s determination to develop Hong Kong’s democratic systems gradually and progressively remains unchanged.   

    Full implementation of “Patriots governing Hong Kong” will rectify the chaos that we have seen in Hong Kong’s political scene. It will prevent anti-China elements who disrupt Hong Kong from entering the governance system through elections. It will stop them from harming national sovereignty, national security, and national development. It will stop them from disrupting Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability. This move represents Hong Kong people’s collective aspiration, and its righteousness is self-evident.  

    Hong Kong is now in a crucial state where changes are a must. “Patriots governing Hong Kong” goes to the core of the “One Country Two Systems”, and is also a universally accepted political ethical value. I am sure Hong Kong people are keen to have patriots who love our country and love Hong Kong in charge of our governance, holding firm to the principle of “one country”, making the best use of the strengths of “two systems”, focusing whole-heartedly on tackling the many social, economic, and livelihood issues, and integrating fully into our country’s national development. Through complementing our collective strengths, co-ordinating our development, we will build a harmonious, stable, and prosperous community where all Hong Kong people can enjoy the full harvest of our successes.