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    Mainland/Hong Kong Economies | Policy Research Series

    10/28/2016 - 17:31

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    Based on its geographical proximity to China and with an international orientation, Hong Kong has always been a leading small open economy in the world. Likewise, more than one third of a century has passed since China’s reform and opening up, and the economic ties between China and Hong Kong have become more intimate than ever. Exchanges between the two sides in trade, capital and human capital are becoming more and more frequent, and based on the irreplaceable and unique status of the two sides, it brings about an abundance of economic and development opportunities.

    After China has become the world's second largest economy, its model for economic growth is transforming. Consequentially, the economic role and position of Hong Kong has also changed. Hence, we will explore new opportunities and put forward timely and appropriate policy recommendations to actively ride on the new trend of national development. This can therefore allow Hong Kong to continue to play a unique role in the regional development and promote the development jointly with China and neighboring regions to achieve mutually beneficial relations.