Dr. Chi-Hing Kee JP

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    Chair of Fullness Society Enterprises Society.

    Kee is an Adjunct Professor of Department of Urban Ministry in Bethel Bible Seminary; Adjunct Associate Professor of the Business School in Hong Kong Baptist University, an Honorary Lecturer in the Department of Social Work and Social Administration of Hong Kong University, and a member of the Advisory Committee of the Department of Applied Social Science of Polytechnic University.

    He is a member of the Community Investment and Inclusion Fund in Labor and Welfare Bureau, and the Social Innovation Fund Task Force in the Commission on Poverty. He was a former member of the Social Enterprise Advisory Committee of Home Affair Bureau.

    Before retirement, he was a Corporate Vice President and Hong Kong Managing Director of Hewlett-Packard (HP) responsible for the P&L of HK$4B business. Out of his 26 years in HP, 9 years was in Beijing and 1 year in Shanghai.

    He graduated from Hong Kong University in Electrical Engineering, attended the General Manager Program in Harvard Business School, and has a Master degree on Christian Studies and another Master degree on Theological Studies both from Chinese University, has a Doctor of Education degree from Nottingham University, and currently is pursuing a Professional Doctorate of Practical Theology in Anglia Ruskin University.