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    Cheng Ka-ho, MH, JP is a former Captain of Hong Kong Wushu Team. He is currently working with Lee Kee Group as the Business Development General Manager. He earned a Master degree in Business Administration from the Executive MBA Program at City University of Hong Kong, a Master degree in Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and a Bachelor degree in Sports Training Education from the Beijing Sports University of Physical Education.

    “Sports for All” has always been Cheng’s life goals. Being born in a martial arts family of great renown, Cheng’s determination in promoting Chinese martial arts was established ever since. He played Nanquan and Nangun for Hong Kong in various international games over the years. He was a thrice champion of World Wushu Championships (Nanquan and Nangun).

    Cheng believes that ""Life is sport"". Not only that he cherishes life, he devotes himself in sports and never stops improving himself. He also contributes to the society through sharing the mind and spirit of athlete which has gone through over the years with youngsters. Over the years, Cheng held a variety of community functions involving youth affairs and sports development.

    “Strong juvenile builds strong country, promising juvenile brings prosperity to the country”. Devoting himself in community services, Cheng strives to recognize the importance of sports and youth affairs