Mr. William CHAN

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    Youth Worker, Executive Director of a Charitable Organization

    William has been an active youth leader at school and in the community. As a firm believer in ‘youth can make a difference’, he endeavoured to play an active role in youth leadership and community service and initiated projects to help youth in enhancing their capacity in public participation and voluntary services. With his strength to face the forthcoming challenges, his passion to aid those who cry for help and his life-long dedication to serve our youth, William was appointed by the HKSAR Government as the youngest member in Commission on Youth and later was elected at the Global Youth Parliament by the World Bank as a Steering Committee member.

    Since his graduation, William continued to pursue professional training at the Juris Doctor Programme and was committed to work for and with young people. He co-founded a number of charitable youth organizations (i.e. Hong Kong Youth Exchange United Promotion Association, Hong Kong Student Development Committee, Hong Kong Student Activity Foundation and DragoNation) and initiated inspiring educational and developmental projects for students and youth. He has served as Executive Director of the Hong Kong Student Activity Foundation and the Hong Kong Youth United Promotion Association, Program Director of a Youth Charitable Organization, Appointed Member of Commission on Youth, Co-opted Member of Youth Programme Coordinating Committee, Co-opted Member of Course Vetting Committee of Employees Retraining Board, Advisor of Our Hong Kong Foundation, Advisor of CLAP For Youth @JC, Member of Barristers Disciplinary Tribunal Panel, Co-opted Member of Employees Retraining Board, President of one of the Hong Kong Outstanding Students’ Associations and President of DragoNation. In 2014, he was awarded the Chief Executive’s Commendation for Community Service in recognition of his contribution in youth services. His motto is ‘to love, to dream and to act’. He truly believes that contributing his abilities is the best way to requite society. At present, his focus is to serve students and youth, especially the underprivileged, through advocacy of education for good, social innovation and health and wellbeing.