Mr. Kee Cheong LEUNG, MH

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    Mr Leung Kee Cheong graduated from Grantham College of Education and The Open University of Hong Kong. He has previously taught at primary school and later served in the Government’s Education Department as a Student Guidance Inspector and School Development Officer of the Education Department. In 2002, Mr Leung left the Education Department to become Principal of Fresh Fish Traders’ School. During his tenure, he had successfully transformed the school from one being regarded as weak and poor into a popular one. Mr Leung has well-loved by students and parents and is frequently known as “Father Principal”. He has been awarded the “2015 Outstanding Teachers' Award” by the Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers, and an Honorary Fellowship by The Hong Kong Institute of Education in 2015, and has been recognized by the ATV’s “Hong Kong Loving Hearts Campaign 2012”.

    Mr Leung retired from the post of Principal in 2015, and frequently speaks at non-governmental organizations, universities, secondary and primary schools on school management, parenting education and positive attitude in education.