Dr. Albert HUNG Chao Hong

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    Dr. HUNG Chao Hong, GBM, JP, LLD (Hon.)(University of Victoria, Canada), Honorary Fellowship (Cardiff University, UK), was born in China and came to Hong Kong in his teens. He is now a businessman and his business includes import and export trading and a great variety of different investments such as equity, property, solar battery and education etc...

    Mr Hung is now the President of a number of companies in both Hong Kong and China, including Goldpoly Company Ltd., Goldpoly Investment Ltd., Goldpoly Optronic International Ltd., Goldpoly International Ltd.. He is also the President of China Sports Olympic Garden Investment Co., Ltd. and China Olympic Multiplex Management Co., Ltd..

    Mr Hung was awarded the Grand Bauhinia Medal in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in 2019, Gold Bauhinia Star in 2014, Silver Bauhinia Star in 2009. He was also appointed by the Government of the HKSAR as Justice of  Peace in 2004. He was the Board Member of the HK Sports Development Board (dissolved) in 2000~2004. In 1997 to 2007, he was the Representative of HK members of The National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political  Consultative Conference. Mr Hung is now Member of The  Standing Committee Of National Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and Member of Hong Kong Selection Committee. He was also appointed by the Government of HKSAR to serve as Vice Chairman of Major Sports Events Committee, Member of Football Betting and Lotteries Commission.

    Some other major community services include: Vice President of the South China Athletic Association,  Honorary Vice President of the HK Football Association, Honorary President of Hong Kong Dance Sport Association, Life Honorary Chairman of HK Federation of Fujian Associations, Vice Supervisor of Fukien Chamber of Commerce, Life Honorary Chairman of Fukien Athletic Club Ltd., President of the HK Schools Sports Federation, President of All Stars Sports Association Ltd., Honorary President of the Chinese Amateur Athletic Federation of HK Ltd.. Mr Hung is also Vice-president of the China Sports Foundation, P.R.C., Honorary President of the Lin Ze Xu Foundation, P.R.C., and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Huaqiao University, Fujian, P.R.C.