Mr. Hui Wing Mau

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    Mr. Hui Wing Mau, GBM, JP, Chairman of Shimao Group, holds several social posts concurrently, including Member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, Chairman of China Federation of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs, Life Honourary Chairman of New Home Association, Honorary President of Global Anti-Taiwan-Independence and Promoting Peaceful National Reunification Association, Lifetime Honorary President of Hong Kong Federation of Overseas Chinese Associations, Vice President of Friends of Hong Kong Association Ltd. and Honourary Adviser of Hong Kong Federation of Fujian Associations. 

    Mr. Hui Wing Mau, makes a long-term commitment to charity and has successively won various honorary titles of “Hong Kong Grand Bauhinia Medal”, “Hong Kong Golden Bauhinia Star”, “Justice of the Peace”, “ - The First Chinese Charity Figures”, Shanghai “Magnolia Award”, “Top Ten Outstanding Contributors to Urbanization in China”, “Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Award”, “The Most Creative Chinese Business Leader” in the Asia-Pacific region, “2008 The Most Conscientious Leader of Chinese Merchants” in the Asian-Pacific Region, “China Charity Prize for Special Contribution Award”, “2014 China’s First Philanthropist”, “2014 CCTV Annual Charity Figures”, “2015 Annual Charity Leader”, “2016 China Charity List Lifetime Achievement Award”.