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    Beyond Borders: Redefining Travel for Meaningful Impact

    05/27/2024 - 16:17

    Travel, often perceived as a self-indulgent pursuit driven by consumerism, extends far beyond just leisure and consumption. Beneath its surface lies an opportunity for personal growth and broader community impact. In today's narrative of sustainable tourism, there is an urgent need to redefine our approach to travel. With individuals, communities, and governments grappling with pressing issues such as environmental impact and cultural preservation, the imperative for a paradigm shift within the travel industry becomes increasingly apparent.

    Join us as Eric Gnock Fah, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Klook, will unveil his insights into how travel can become a force for good. Discover how it has the potential to enrich not only travellers but also the destinations they visit. Find out how Klook is shaping a future where travel drives positive change within the industry and beyond.