Mr. Phillip KING

    Mr. Phillip King was born in Hong Kong but left at a young age to the US to pursue his studies where he later graduated with a BA in Economics from Santa Clara University and a Masters in International Finance from the University of San Francisco. He always knew he wanted to go into business and thus started his career as a residential real estate agent when he was 19 and a few years later started his own real estate fund focusing on seismic retrofitting unreinforced masonry buildings. In 2003, Phillip had an opportunity to return to Asia where he was instrumental to be one of the founding members of Lehman Brother’s Fixed Income business in Asia ex-Japan. He was able to go back to his family’s hometown, Shanghai where he helped start and build Lehman’s real estate portfolio in China. Phillip expanded his real estate career when he was asked to become the managing director of Willie International Holdings Limited, a Hong Kong listed company, where he led numerous M&A transactions for investments in the PRC and Hong Kong focusing on growth, value creation, and synergy opportunities. During this time, Mr. King also served on the boards of numerous other Hong Kong listed companies where he assisted and recommended strategies for companies and introduced international capital from institutional funds, HNW and family offices. Phillip had accumulated over 20+ years of strong corporate finance and financial engineering background with over US$2 billion of team-based transaction experience in debt and equity issuance, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, LBO, RTO, IPO, principal investing, and fund management. Once again, another constructive moment presented itself when he was invited by the Australian Victorian government to attend a sports tech conference in 2019 where he discovered an entire new and mature eco-system not yet in Asia. Over the next 4 years, Phillip was the architect of the Asian sports tech eco-system where he started Varcis Group to be the global investment, strategy and research house specializing in Sports and Health Tech in the Asian region. Subsequently, Phillip joined Deerfield Partners together with a team of like-minded professionals with over 200+ years of industry experience to mentor, structure and incubate entrepreneurs focusing on the Digital Consumerism, Healthcare Technology, Impact and Credit Investment pillars. Phillip is known for his excellent acumen for business and the multicultural aspects of understanding global businesses. He speaks over 4 languages and his passionate life is fuelled by constantly building new opportunities and the inspiring partners he meets along the journey.