Mr. Andrew KWOK

    Andrew Kwok

    Mr. Kwok Chi Wah Andrew is a highly accomplished professional who is currently the Chairman of Opulence Management Limited and Kudos Construction Limited. Along with his MRICS, HKIUS, FHKCPM and Property Management Practitioner (Tier 1) licence, he possesses decades of extensive experience in construction projects and front-line management. 

    Over his years of involvement in construction industry, Mr. Kwok has been paying close attention to and participating assiduously in various industry-related issues. He is committed to bring positive influence on the continuous development of small and medium enterprises (SME) and the construction industry.  He has been acting as the coordinator between Guangdong and the representative of the Development Bureau and Construction Industry Council in the “Shenzhen and Hong Kong Experience Exchange Conference”. The conference successfully facilitated the exchange between Guangdong and Hong Kong in construction topics like Construction Institution Management, Workers Registration, Levy and Site Record system. Ten years ago, Mr. Kwok founded the “Hong Kong Star Brand” Award for the Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises Association in order to cooperate with the “12th Five-Year Plan”.  He is devoted to convey the culture of care within the construction industry, namely, he donated a large number of masks to the workers within the industry and other vulnerable groups in society during the onset of the 2019 coronavirus epidemic. He has also participated proactively in numerous public welfare activities, including organizing free local tours with non-governmental organization for grassroots citizens and making donations.

    Mr. Kwok has recently founded the “SME ESG List” to help SME persevere through difficult times. He is experienced in front-row and association management, equipping him with insight into all stakeholders' particular needs . He is good at coordinating the feedback of all stakeholders and always seeks the most harmonious and effective outcome. His forward-thinking and innovative ideas have deepened discussions and promoted the progress of SME and the construction industry. He has certainly won the trust and accreditation of the industry, members of the committees he participates in.