Dr. Yat YAU

    Dr Yau

    Dr. Yau Yat is the Executive Director of the Academy of Chinese Studies.

    He graduated from The University of Hong Kong with a degree of Doctor of Philosophy. He subsequently held positions in different universities, including Lingnan University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Metropolitan University. For almost two decades, Dr Yau has devoted himself to higher education and related development, in which he has played a broad variety of academic and administrative roles, including Division Head, member of Senate, Courses Developer, and Postgraduate programme coordinator.

    With a background in history and cultural studies, Dr Yau's fruitful publications focus on education and history of Hong Kong. He is an acclaimed scholar and expert in the Art of War and History of Hong Kong. He is a dedicated teacher with a range of teaching experiences. His pedagogical interest is in making the connection between past and present. He had designed courses which employed popular historical texts in the service of whole person education. 

    Dr Yau is active in the academic and professional communities. He is currently the Board of Directors of The Hong Kong Institute for Promotion of Chinese Culture, member of the CDC-HKEAA Committee on Citizenship and Social Development, advisor of the Hong Kong Museum of History.