Mr Shing Chow

    Shing Chow

    Shing, Chow Shing Yuk, is the founder and CEO of Lalamove, an on-demand delivery platform that has brought significant advancements to the industry. Born in Guangdong province and raised in Hong Kong, Shing achieved exceptional academic success, earning ‘10 As’ in the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination (HKCEE) before graduating from Stanford University with distinction. Starting off his career as a management consultant at Bain & Company, Shing also went on to become a successful professional Texas hold ‘em player. In 2013, Shing identified the emerging potential of the sharing economy and mobile internet startups. With a vision to transform Asia’s traditional logistics industry through digitalisation, he established Lalamove in Hong Kong. Lalamove integrates technology to connect users with driver partners, providing efficient and convenient ways to book same-day or scheduled delivery services. Today, Lalamove operates in 11 markets and over 400 cities across Asia and Latin America, including the operation in mainland China under the name Huolala. As the founder of the homegrown technology company housing one of the largest technology teams in Hong Kong, Shing is passionate in driving innovation in Hong Kong and the wider region. His dedication is reflected in his advisory role at Our Hong Kong Foundation and his appointment as a member of the Chief Executive's Council of Advisers in 2023. Outside of his professional pursuits, Shing is a running enthusiast and a strong believer in health as the source for one’s personal growth and career success. He regularly advocates, inspires and encourages the Lalamove team to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle.