Mr Howard Chao

    Mr Howard Chao

    Howard Chao, Managing Director and Founder of Maximus Capital Group and Director of Cheuk Nang Holdings Limited (HKSE : 0131); he hold degrees of Master of Science in Real Estate, and Bachelor of Arts in Business Management, and Certificate of Completion of Real Estate Sustainability, awarded by the University of Cambridge - Institute for Sustainability Leadership. 

    While developing his capital investment, fund management, real estate and engineering businesses, Mr. Chao is committed to promote the sustainability and development of the financial service sector, real estate and construction sector of Hong Kong.  

    Mr. Chao has actively engaged in youth development works within the business and professional community, incsluding organizing seminars, forums and events for the youths to meet with prominent local business and government leaders, leading youth exchange and travelling  programs to visit Mainland various cities meeting with youth business institutes and government officials, aiming to advocate and to promote economic ties and interests, as well as sustainable developments between Hong Kong and the Mainland. 

    Mr. Chao is a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (the 5th Session) of Chongqing, committee member of The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, vice-chairman of Young Executives’ Committee of The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, Director of the Hong Kong Securities Association,  Vice-President of the Hong Kong Chongqing Friendship Federation, member of The Hong Kong Real Property Federation...etc.