Dr. Francis Neoton CHEUNG

    Francis Neoton CHEUNG

    Dr. Francis Neoton Cheung is an urban designer and a veteran development expert with a proven track record of holding public positions and handling in Hong Kong and mainland China large-scale public infrastructure projects which include airports and property developments atop railways.

    After his seven years study at Queen's College, Cheung read architecture and urban design and graduated with distinctions at the University of Hong Kong. Upon graduation, he went into private practice as an architect and property development consultant in 1983. He has won numerous international design awards, including Taiwan Cheng Kung University’s Outstanding Architectural Talents Award and the First Prize of Zhuhai Aerotropolis Urban Design International Competition. As a property developer in his own right, Cheung has developed various commercial and residential projects in Hong Kong, Guangdong Province and northern China.

    Between 1992 and 1997, Cheung was appointed by various airport authorities to oversee airport projects in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Zhuhai, with positions including member of the Consultative Committee on the New Airport and Related Projects, which was jointly appointed by the British and Chinese governments.

    Among the public bodies Cheung served on over the years include: the Eighth Plenary Session of The All-China Youth Federation, the First Election Committee of the Hong Kong SAR, Buildings and Lands Advisory Committee, Town Planning Appeal Board and the Housing Authority Building Committee.

    As the founder and convenor of the Central-Wanchai Reclamation Study Group, Cheung was also one of the first activists advocating minimizing reclamation within the Victoria Harbour. 

    Cheung also holds the B.A.(A.S.), B. Arch. and Master of Urban Design with Distinctions with The University of Hong Kong, a master’s degree in Science in Management Research Studies and Doctor of Business Administration. Between 1985 and 1999, Cheung held different positions at the Hong Kong Institute of Architects, from council member to honorary treasury and honorary secretary to vice president. He is currently a member of The Hong Kong Institute of Architects and The Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design.

    Cheung is the founder and chairman of Neodimensions Group, which comprises several companies respectively in property development, innovative and technologies and life culture. 

    Francis is also championing the Marine Enclave developments for our younger generations in Hong Kong and playing a pivotal role in establishing a private sector international innovation and technology hub in the northern New Territories of Hong Kong.

    In 2010, Cheung established a local think tank – Doctoral Exchange of which he is now the chairman. This research collective focuses on advocacy planning, urban design and development, strategic planning, land and housing issues. Recent reports include “Optimising Land Resources for Better Housing Provisions in Hong Kong”, “Hong Kong 2050 Vision”, “Marine Enclave Developments for Hong Kong”, Floating Community and The Wan.

    Francis is currently a member of The Chief Executive’s Policy Unit Expert Group.