Mr. Levin WANG

    Wang Lui

    Mr. Levin Wang Lei is the CEO of Huatai Financial Holdings. With in-depth working experience in leading Chinese and top-ranked Wall Street investment banks, Mr. Wang becomes well acquainted with the operation of both China and global financial markets. He is an international financial expert in theoretical studies of Economics. He received Ph.D. degree in Economics from Renmin University of China. He currently teaches post graduates in Central University of Finance and Economics.  

    Mr. Levin Wang Lei has been the CEO of Huatai Financial Holdings since 2007. Under the leadership of the headquarter, Mr. Wang upholds the business philosophy of “Conservative and innovative, North and South integration”, benchmarks the Company against international top investment banks, uses cross-border business as leverage and focuses on capital intermediary business with a brokerage origin. The rapid expansion of Huatai Financial Holdings makes it become a leading Chinese platform for integrated cross-border financial services. As of the end of 2020, the total asset of the Company exceeds over 100 billions HKD, topping among Chinese brokerage firms in terms of assets and income. Its speedy growth has awed the industry.

    Mr. Levin Wang Lei takes an active role in social affairs to maintain prosperity and stability in Hong Kong and consolidate the position of Hong Kong’s international financial centre. He is Executive Director of The Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association, Honorary President of New Territories Association of Societies, Vice President of The Hong Kong Jiangsu Enterprises Association, Vice President of Federation of Hong Kong Hubei Association.

    Mr. Wang is devoted to public welfare and various charity work, including promoting cooperation between Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong, youth development and caring for the grassroots. In November 2019, Huatai International collaborated with China Resources and established a community care scheme named “Love and Care Programme”. The programme offered help and internship opportunities to Chinese mainland undergraduates in Hong Kong who have been affected by disturbances arising from the opposition to the proposed legislative amendments. The programme made itself well-honoured in society. In 2020, as the COVID-19 epidemic situation has added burden to local grassroots. Huatai International takes the initiative in fulfilling its corporate social responsibility by collaborating New Territories Association of Societies to hold the event “Love and Warmth in New Territories”. The event delivered over ten thousand fortune bags to local grassroots in nine local districts and encouraged them to fight the virus together.