​​Mr. Herbert Chia

    Mr Herbert Chia

    Mr. Che Pinjue was born in Hong Kong and he is currently a member of Hong Kong Zhi Gong Party Association. He received Western education in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. He also engaged in advanced studies at world first-class universities such as the University of New South Wales, INSEAD, and Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management. 

    For the past ten years, Mr. Che has been living in Mainland China and Hong Kong. With multicultural living environment, international education background and abundant Internet Industry working experience, Mr. Che forms uniqueness and sensitivity of thinking. Over these years, he has devoted himself to researching the development of SMEs in the Internet industry. He has unique insights into the future trends of e-commerce. He is a future trend observer, practical trainer and columnist. 

    Mr. Che, as the member of Task force on promoting cross-boundary data in Hong Kong and Advisory Committee on Innovation and Technology of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, has actively promoted Hong Kong to become the big data pilot city in The China Great Bay Area and The Belt and Road. Mr.Che has devoted to taking China’s Big Data industry to a new level. He is the member of Big Data Advisory Group of Beijing Government; the advisor of Guiyang Big Data Committee; the expert of Shanghai Bureau of Justice Big Data Laboratory; deputy director of China Computer Federation Big Data Committee; the president of Youedata Research Institute; the chief data consultant of JD Finance and the chief consultant of TalkingData.  Mr. Che is also the adjunct professor of School of Management of Zhejiang University; Tsinghua University Education Guidance Committee member (Big Data Project) 、Third invited member of Alibaba Business School and advisory Committee of Big Data Institute – HKUST.

    He joined Alibaba in August 2010 and served as the Vice President of Alibaba (China) Co., Ltd. and the President of Data Committee. During his tenure, the team awarded ""China Excellent IT Team"" in the 2014 ""Excellent Chinese CIO"" selection. In addition, he was also rated as 2017 China Top 10 Most Influential Big Data Entrepreneurs by the State Information Center. He is the author of the best-selling books ""The Big Data""、 ""The Nature of Big Data"" and ""Engaging Communities Through Data-Smart Governance,""Now, as a globally recognized pioneer of big data, Mr. Che attributes his success to the passion for innovation and the understanding of the needs of industrial data.