Dr. Elvin Ka Kui LEE , BBS, JP


    Dr. Elvin Lee Ka Kui, JP, is the Chairman of the Hong Kong Publishing Federation. As the Vice President of the Sino United Publishing (Holdings) Limited, Dr. Lee oversees the company’s publishing business. He is also the chairman of various publishers under the Sino United Publishing (Holdings) Limited. 

    Prior to his current post as the Chairman of the Hong Kong Publishing Federation, Dr. Lee was the Chairman of the Hong Kong Publishing Professionals Society and the Hong Kong Reprographic Rights Licensing Society and has been advocating of the professionalization and expansion of the publishing industry. As the Chairman of ‘Soaring Creativity’ between 2011 and 2015, he helped set up the ‘Hong Kong Pavilion’ in overseas book fairs, including the Frankfurt Book Fair, Beijing International Book Fair, London Book Fair, Bologna Children’s Book Fair, Taipei International Book Exhibition and South China Book Festival, to encourage foreign cooperation and exchanges in the publishing industry and showcase the creative achievements of Hong Kong’s publishing industry. The Hong Kong Publishing Biennial Awards, which has been held since 2016, is the first professional publisher award that promotes the professionalization of the publishing industry. In the same year, he organized the first ‘Territory-wide Reading Survey’ to understand the reading habits in Hong Kong and give suggestions on fostering a reading culture. Since 2018, Dr. Lee has been facilitating the cooperation between the publishing industry and the Education Bureau and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department in promoting reading. In 2020, he organized the Next Writer Publication Funding Scheme, which was launched to encourage young people to realize their publishing dreams and to fund publications that can connect the world. The ‘Read Together’ online platform was launched in the same year with the Sports, Culture and Performing Arts fields to support students’ learning and encourage the public to read amid the coronavirus outbreak. In 2022, Dr. Lee proposed the designation of World Book Day on 23 April as the ‘Hong Kong Reading Day’, and received the support of nearly 300 celebrities and over 80 organizations. More than 100 reading and cultural activities were held under the ‘12 Hours of Reading for Pleasure’ campaign. Afterwards, he successfully advocated for the establishment of Hong Kong Reading Day by the government in 2024.

    Dr. Lee has held duties in various government departments, including the Dissemination and Promotion Sub-committee of Quality Education Fund, Chief Executive's Award for Teaching Excellence Steering Committee, Steering Committee on Strategic Development of Information Technology in Education, CreateSmart Initiative Vetting Committee, Hong Kong-Taiwan Cultural Co-operation Committee, the Development and Culture Working Group of Chinese Temples Committee, and Employees Retraining Board. He has also worked in the advisory committees of various universities and affiliated colleges.