Mr. Stanley Ng

    Stanley ng

    Mr. Stanley Ng is a renowned family entrepreneur in wide disciplines. He leads his family business KOBO Enterprises Ltd., a diversified manufacturer of reputable toy, machine and sport item of long history, since year 2000.  In 2015, he and his team established a digital marketing company, Yumtake, which specialises in delivering digital marketing outsourcing services for both listed and private companies and even individuals like celebrities.  In recent years, he extends his passion of talent development into business: Academy INK was established to provide Innovation Training to both adults and kids. 

    Stanley is involved in several professional and international community organizations.  He is a former National President of JCI Hong Kong, that organizes 300 socially impactful projects annually and drive United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with over 1,800 active members.  In his 20+ years of serving in youth movement in both local and regional levels, Stanley had driven young leaders and projects in countries across Asia: Bhutan, Myanmar, East Timor, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Guam and more. 

    He is also the co-founder of 2econd Generation Entrepreneur Association, a leading young family entrepreneur group in Hong Kong with over 500 family entrepreneurs and takes rich research study in family business management.  Stanley also leads the annual Family Entrepreneur Conference, namely 2econd Opinion that aims to deliver inspirational ideas and concepts to the public for the future-readiness in Hong Kong. 

    Stanley completed his professional education of Certified Management Accountant (CMA) in Canada. He received his Bachelor degree in Accounting and Marketing from Schulich School of Business, York University.

    Stanley enjoys living in Hong Kong as he participates in the Diocesan Old Boys’ Association Choir, practicing Wing Chun and enjoys family time with his beloved wife Gladys together with his daughter Isabel and Son Elliot.