Ms. Wendy MAN

    Wendy Man

    Ms. Wendy Man , is the Vice Chairman of Clifford Group and the Chairman of Clifford Modern Living Holdings Limited. Ms. Man is also the founder of Clifford Group and has been in charge of the strategic development, management and operations as well as the overall performance of the Group.

    Ms. Man was appointed as the member of the National Committee of CPPCC in January 2018. She also takes part in other social public services including: being a member of the standing committee of Beijing Women’s Federation, the Vice President of New Home Association, the advisor of Our Hong Kong Foundation, the Chairman of Guangzhou Foreign Investment Enterprises Chamber of Commerce and  the Vice President of Guangzhou Federation of Industry & Commerce.

    Ms. Man is an outstanding female entrepreneur. After nearly 30 years, Clifford Group has developed into a diversified multinational group integrating medical treatment, education, real estate, hotel, catering, retailing, IT and life services, with excellent performance and stable leading position in the industry.

    Ms. Man has a strong sense of social responsibility. She is particularly concerned about the young generation in Hong Kong. She is committed to promoting the exchanges between Hong Kong and the Mainland youth, and uniting the Mainland and Hong Kong businessmen, women representatives, so as to make positive contributions to the construction of the Great Bay area and the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong. At the same time, she is also a philanthropist who is enthusiastic about public welfare. Over the years, Clifford Group has donated more than 650 million yuan to the national charity.