Ms. Margaret LEUNG

    Margaret Leung

    After over 20 years of a career in banking, Margaret applied her skills to start a not-for-profit organisation, Les Beatitudes Foundation Ltd and a social enterprise, Les Beatitudes Ltd. Through a simple necktie, an innovative platform was built to connect those who want to give to groups in need.

    The aim is to connect different groups within the community, create opportunities for stakeholders, reskill and recycle something old into something new.  Arts and our heritage are infused into the designs to create new narratives about the history of Hong Kong. The products and events encourage people to appreciate Hong Kong’s legacies with a new perspective. Underprivileged women were trained, empowered and provided work opportunities within their own homes.

    Les Beatitudes Foundation has been recognised with several awards since inception, including the Outstanding Organization Award in 2019 by the Silk Road Women’s Innovation Design, Xian and also the top award in the Cultural & Creativity category the previous year.

    Margaret is also a member of the Asia Advisory Group of McGill University where she was inspired to pursue her lifelong passion to being inquisitive, embracing diversity and living with empathy.