Miss Doris LEUNG

    Doris Leung

    Doris Leung was graduated at Hong Kong Polytechnic University studying Language and Communication. After the first degree, she finished the Master in Journalism at Hong Kong University. She worked at I-Cable News since graduation and had been promoted to Principal Reporter before quitting in 2009. Doris’ interest is reporting community stories in which she enjoys human touch with the underprivileged.

    With the deeply rooted concept on social injustice, she found her new career path with Social Ventures Hong Kong, a venture philanthropy organization supporting the social enterprises. She volunteers herself to organize the member activities at SVhk and also incubate the social enterprise idea of disabled transportation.

    Doris is deeply involved in the disabled transportation because her mom became the wheelchair user in 2007 due to brain cancer. She found the social injustice with serious lack of legal, safe and convenient point-to-point transportation for wheelchair users in Hong Kong.

    After working hard for years, Doris finally set up Diamond Cab (HK) Limited with the support of SVhk, taxi license owner, nursing home owners and a group of visionary individuals. She is the CEO managing the daily operation of the cab fleet and developing the business to sustain the company with groundbreaking social innovation.

    Doris was awarded Young Social Entrepreneur Award 2011, Capital Leaders of Excellence 2011, Finalist (Asia Pacific) of Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards 2013 and The Purpose Economy Asia 100 respectively. Diamond Cab is the Highly Commended International Social Enterprise of the Year at UK Social Enterprise Awards 2012, The Fifth of My Favorite Best Five Social Enterprises in 2013, The 5th HK Outstanding Citizenship Bronze Award and Hong Kong Winner of Chivas The Venture, one of the 20 global finalists.

    However, in Sept 2017, Doris suffered diagnosis of breast cancer and handover the business to SVhk team immediately, then started her long journey of cancer treatment. After 18 months, she finished all treatment successfully and gradually getting back to start working for Diamond Cab again, with the support of new capital and human resources.