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    Winners of “The InnoStar Award” Announced The Remarkable Journeys of Six Pioneers of Innovation

    The inauguration of “The InnoStar Award” is a milestone in the history of Our Hong Kong Foundation (OHKF) as a champion for promoting innovation, a recognition of achievements for six award recipients, and a cradle of accomplishment in that the people of Hong Kong have proven themselves and inspired others in “reaching for the stars above and beyond Hong Kong” and changing the world with their creative ideas. 

    The success of the award program in recognition of six pioneers of innovation, following months of preparation and a rigorous selection process, is the result of not only Our Hong Kong Foundation’s efforts, but also the tremendous support for the project from the community of Hong Kong.

    Award recipients and presenters (from right): Mr. Simon Loong, Founder and CEO of WeLab; Mr. Steven Lam, Co-founder and CEO of GOGOVAN; Mr. Joe Lee, Founder of Kuaidi Dache and Chairman of Weyao Holdings Limited; Dr. Victor Fung, Vice Chairman of Our Hong Kong Foundation; Ms. Carrie Lam, Chief Executive of HKSAR; Mr. Tung Chee-hwa, Chairman of Our Hong Kong Foundation; Mr. Alex Kong, Founder and Chairman of TNG (Asia) Limited; Professor Li Zexiang, Professor of Electronic & Computer Engineering at HKUST; and Professor Rossa Chiu (on behalf of Professor Dennis Lo, Professor of Medicine at CUHK).


    Speaking at the award ceremony held on March 21, Executive Director of OHKF Mrs. Eva Cheng said, “Innovation and technology have always been two key forces that propel advancement and development in our modern society. They are also the key to Hong Kong’s relevance and competitiveness as a sustainable innovation centre. As well as celebrating outstanding innovative entrepreneurs who have contributed to the development of Hong Kong’s innovation landscape, the award also aims to inspire the city’s new generation to continue the quest to innovate locally and globally, and carry forward the rich legacies left behind by early innovators, further promoting the development of innovative ideas in the long run”.

    Vice Chairman of OHKF and Chairman of the Award’s judging panel Dr. Victor Fung said, “All of the nominees have accomplished outstanding achievements as innovative entrepreneurs across many different fields, showcasing a bright future for innovation and creativity in Hong Kong. As such, it was a difficult decision to select the winners. The winners fought off tough competition by showing their unique contribution to the community, as well as their efforts to promote the city as a global creative leader.”

    Dr. Fung highlighted their drive in combining originality and creativity and in overcoming all kinds of adversities and challenges. “The winners not only made the best use of modern technology but also developed their own technology to enhance the quality of our lives, substantially changing the ecosystem and business model of the industry and creating new economic opportunities and social values. These tireless explorers and innovators never hesitated to walk the extra mile and go beyond the traditional way of thinking, setting the perfect example for all of us”.

    In her speech as an officiating guest, Mrs. Carrie Lam thanked both Mr. Tung Chee-hwa and Our Hong Kong Foundation for their enormous efforts in promoting innovation, recognizing the pioneers of innovation, inspiring a new generation of innovators, and serving as a reminder of the importance of innovation. Guest speaker Professor Michael Spence, American economist and recipient of the 2001 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science, shared his views on the technology industry and the role of innovation in driving economic growth.

    At the presentation ceremony, six award recipients shared their thoughts in reflection of their journey of striving for excellence and making their creative ideas a commercial success:



    Mr. Alex Kong, Founder and Chairman of TNG (Asia) Limited:

    It’s quite difficult to be creative with Fintech in Hong Kong because of the challenge of stringent regulations and rigorous regulatory oversight. But I remain committed to innovation and technology by constantly learning from experience and thinking about how we can change. 



    Mr. Joe Lee, Founder of Kuaidi Dache and Chairman of Weyao Holdings Limited:

    Many are unaware of what exactly innovation & technology entails. I believe we should leverage innovation & technology to tackle social issues and create social values – the more creative and innovative you are, the more your company is valued.



    Professor Li Zexiang, Professor of Electronic & Computer Engineering at HKUST:

    The Greater Bay Area will provide Hong Kong with a golden opportunity in the form of innovation which will be key to the future of the city. 



    Mr. Steven Lam, Co-founder and CEO of GOGOVAN:

    “The Lion Rock Spirit” of Hong Kong is the foundation of innovation, allowing people to come up with a solution to every problem and be at the forefront of innovation by creating companies like GOGOVAN.



    Professor Rossa Chiu (on behalf of Professor Dennis Lo, Professor of Medicine at CUHK):

    The success of our research in non-invasive prenatal testing relied on the contribution of pregnant women of Hong Kong who selflessly provided us with their samples at a time when we had the world’s lowest birth rate. It is truly an amazing story.



    Mr. Simon Loong, Founder and CEO of WeLab:

    The higher the cost of finance, the greater the need for financial inclusion for low-income individuals. We hope to drive down the cost of finance using innovative technology, allowing wider access to financial services for all people.

    The award’s judging panel consists of reputed community leaders, including Dr. Victor Fung, Professor Tsui Lap-Chee, Mrs. Fanny Law, Dr. George Lam, Mr. Neil Shen, Professor Tony F. Chan, Ir Dr. Andrew Chan, Dr. Frank Tong and Mr. Y.K. Pang.

    The award is organised by OHKF in collaboration with The Academy of Sciences of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Institution of Science and Hong Kong Academy of Engineering Sciences. Supporting organisations include Innovation and Technology Bureau of the Hong Kong SAR Government and Education, Science and Technology Department of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the HKSAR. The strategic partners are Cyberport, Hong Kong Science Park, Hong Kong Venture Capital and Private Equity Association, Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, The Chinese Manufacturers’Gr Association of Hong Kong and Federation of Hong Kong Industries. Hong Kong X Foundation is the sponsor for the award presentation ceremony.