Sr. Vincent Kui-Yip HO, JP


    Managing Director, Freevision Limited

    MA in Arbitration and Dispute Resolution, Professional Dip. in Building Surveying
    FHKIS, RPS(BS), AP, RI, Beam Pro, F.PFM, MRICS, MCIArb, C. BuildE MCABE

    Sr Vincent Ho Kui Yip, appointed by HKSAR as Justice of the Peace since July 2016.  He is the President of The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors (2014 – 2015), Chairman of Building Surveying Division of The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors (2010 – 2012). He is the Managing Director of Freevision Limited.  He set up Freevision Limited in 2005 providing property related consultancy services.  Sr Ho was qualified in 1991 as a Professional Building Surveyor.  Since qualification, he had worked for a local developer, Henderson Land Company Ltd and a prominent surveying consultant, David C Lee Surveyors Ltd before commencing his own venture.

    During the past years, Sr Ho has involved in over 300 projects with a wide range of nature comprising high-rise residential complexes, low-rise prestigious housing, composite commercial / residential developments, composite industrial / office developments, shopping arcades, offices, schools, hotels and service apartments in Hong Kong and PRC.  

    Sr Ho is specialized in property development, project management, development planning and study, feasibility study and administration of plans submission under the Buildings Ordinance and Lease.  He is also experienced in interpretation and application of the Buildings Ordinance and allied legislation and also expertise in building surveying, maintenance, building upgrading and contract dispute resolution.

    He also serves boards and committees for the HKSAR government.  He is the member of Advisory Committee on Built Heritage Conservation; member of Advisory Board on Licensing of Plumbers; member of HKTDC Infrastructure Development Advisory Committee; member of Town Planning Appeal Board; member of Building Sub-committee of LBAC; member of Technical Committee for the COP for MBIS and MWIS and member of Technical Committee for the COP for Fire Safety in Buildings.  In 2011, Sr Ho was elected as the member of the Election Committee of HKSAR.

    In the past, Sr Ho had served the Licensing Appeal Board; Independent Police Complaints Council; Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal Panel; Fire Safety Committee; Advisory Committee for FS (Buildings) Ordinance and FS (Commercial Premises) Ordinance; Building Appeal Tribunal; Wanchai District Council – Building Management Task Force; Building Safety Loan Scheme Vetting Committee; Committee on Sales Descriptions of Uncompleted Residential Properties;  Building Safety Improvement Loan Scheme Vetting and Approval Sub-Committee; Professional Green Building Council – Board of Sustainability; Technical Committee for the Code of Practice for Demolition of Buildings; Inspectors Registration Committee Panel and Inspectors Registration Committee; Clubs (Safety of Premises) Appeal Board; Bedspace Apartments Appeal Board; Hotel and Guesthouse Accommodation Appeal Board and Authorized Person Registration Committee.