Dr. Albert CHAU


    Dr. Albert Chau is Vice-President (Teaching and Learning) of Hong Kong Baptist University.  He is responsible for the University’s teaching and learning for the nurturing of creative, caring and ethical global citizens. He leads the development of curriculum and academic programmes, quality assurance, innovative learning such as experiential learning and eLearning, student recruitment and placement, and globalisation of teaching and learning.

    Dr Chau received his BSc in Industrial Engineering and Postgraduate Certificate in Psychology at The University of Hong Kong (HKU), and MSc and PhD in psychology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA. He then taught at the Department of Psychology at HKU, serving as assistant professor and associate professor. He was Associate Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences (2000-2002), Director of General Education (2002-2015), and Dean of Student Affairs (2005-2015).  He is an elected fellow of the Hong Kong Psychological Society.

    Dr Chau has served on committees and panels related to secondary and tertiary education. He was also appointed to several Government committees or advisory panels related to education, elderly affairs, the environment and broadcasting; and provided service to a few charities and NGOs on youth development, heritage preservation and arts and culture. Over the years, Dr Chau has developed extensive community networks of professionals, experts and employers in different fields. He was able to mobilise community resources effectively to benefit student learning and promote knowledge exchange with the community.