Principal Hon-Kuen HO, BA, PDGE, MA, MH


    Being the Principal of Elegantia College (sponsored by Education Convergence), the Chairman of Education Convergence, the Chairman of HKU MACHS Alumni Association and the Chairman of Chinese History and Culture Scholarship Fund, Mr. Ho often expresses his views on issues like student growth, family education, education policies, the teaching profession and Chinese history in various newspapers. Also, he is frequently invited by tertiary institutes, secondary and primary schools to deliver speeches. He is currently a columnist of the Hong Kong Economic Journal, Sing Tao Daily and Asiaweek. He is also an RTHK Programme Advisory Panelist, an Our Hong Kong Foundation Advisory Panelist, China and Macau Research Association Member and a Highwise Award for Exemplary Hong Kong Teachers Adjudicating Committee Member. His recent works include Courageous Teachers《有教無懼》, Guiding Sun《驕陽引路》, A Nurturing Process《是一場春風化雨》, Educational Insights《教育茶餐廳》and All for Education《全在教育》, etc.