Dr. Jennifer Chui Yiu Ng

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    Dr. Jennifer Chui Yiu Ng is the Vice Chairman and CEO of Marshall-Karson Construction and Engineers Limited.  She graduated from the Concordia University Montreal, Canada.  She also received her Master Degree from the University of Technology Sydney Australia and her Doctoral Degree in Business Management from the City University of Hong Kong.

    Dr. Ng devotes much time to public service in Hong Kong and Mainland China.  She sits on a wide spectrum of governmental and non-governmental boards and bodies’ activities, and this includes Members of the Court of City University of Hong Kong and the Council of Hong Kong Baptist University; Member of Council on Human Reproductive Technology; and Member of the Betting and Lotteries Commission, etc. Dr. Ng has also been a Standing Committee Member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) Lo Wu Shenzhen, and a member of the CPPCC of Guangzhou. 

    When she was Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Pok Oi Hospital, she established and raised the Chronic Illness Relief Fund to offer direct temporary grants to families with urgent needs. In aid of the devastating Tsunami, Dr. Ng organized a grand “Southern Asian Tsunami Relief Show for Orphans” in Hong Kong Coliseum, officiated by the Hong Kong Government Departmental Heads and Chinese Officials. The event involved the participation of all the Pok-Oi associated schools and provided distress relief to victims of the catastrophe.

    To help promote the relationship between China and Hong Kong, she is also involved in the founding of the “Hong Kong Professional & Senior Executives Association”, of which its primary aim is to support Hong Kong Government policy issues and initiatives, and to facilitate business collaboration with Mainland China so as to create a more stable, dynamic and economically robust Hong Kong.

    Dr. Ng had also congregated with like-minded people and founded the "Association of China Trend Studies (HK)” in 2011, which carries the mission of deepening the knowledge of the young people as well as the community with regards to national development so that they have a correct and comprehensive understanding of what it entails. Further to this, to be thoroughly committed to promoting cross-strait communication, and social and economic integration via a wide range of activities to enhance public’s awareness of China’s latest development trends; of its progressively ascending international status and to promote the concept that Hong Kong people ought to appreciate the strategic position advantage presented and to grasp the development opportunities available in all the various aspects that our country provides.