Mr. Stanley Chau Pei NG , SBS

    70 Ng Stanley - Photo - r.jpg
    • President, The Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions
    • Chief Supervisor, Hong Kong Clerical and Professional Employees General Union
    • Deputy, National People's Congress (NPC), P.R.C.
    • Member of the Standing Committee, Xiamen, CPPCC
    • Non-official Member, Human Resources Planning Commission, HKSAR
    • Member, Chinese Association of Hong Kong & Macao Studies
    • Honorary Advisor, Hong Kong Youth Association


    Mr. Ng Chau Pei, Stanley, born at Fujian in 1970, is the president of the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions (HKFTU). He is well known as the “patriotic unionist “and has been working in labour movement and union development for decades. Stanley is a Hong Kong deputy to the National People’s Congress (NPC). He was elected as Hong Kong deputy to the NPC in 2012 and was re-elected in 2017. In addition to NPC’s deputy, Stanley is also a member of the standing committee of the Xiamen Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. 

    Stanley first involvement in union was being a volunteer in teaching Putonghua course for  HKFTU, the largest trade union in Hong Kong. With the issue of increasing social inequality and economic downturn in Hong Kong, he officially joined the HKFTU in 1998, aimed to promote labour right and protection. He became the chairman of the HKFTU in 2009 and has been the president of the organisation since 2018.

    In the public sector, Stanley was elected as one of the employee representatives to the Labour Advisory Board (2011-2016). Also, He was appointed as a member of the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Appeal Board (2012-2018) and a former part-time consultant for the Central Policy Unit by the Hong Kong government. Currently, he is appointed as a non-official member of the Human Resources Planning Commission of HKSAR. In the social area, Stanley is an advisor of the Our Hong Kong Foundation and a member of the Chinese Association of Hong Kong & Macao Studies. 

    Stanley is also concerned about the youth development, he was first started his union work in Youth Commission, focusing on youth education and employment. He is now an independent member of the council of Scientia Secondary School and is an honorary advisor of the Hong Kong Youth Association.

    Since the “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area”(GBA) was proposed by the Chinese central government,  Stanley has been dedicated to optimise and smoothen the development of the GBA. He has proposed dozens of policy suggestions to the central government for the convenience and benefit of the Hong Kong people who are (or will be) living or working in the GBA.