Mr. Ho Fai MA, GBS, JP

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    Mr. Ma Ho Fai is a Senior Partner of Woo Kwan Lee & Lo, Solicitors. Mr. Ma has more than 40 years of legal experience. He was admitted as a solicitor in Hong Kong in 1984, England and Wales in 1987, Australian Capital Territory in 1988 and the Republic of Singapore in 1990. Mr. Ma has been a China-Appointed Attesting Officer appointed by the Ministry of Justice of PRC since 2000 and a Civil Celebrant of Marriages since 2006.

    Mr. Ma specialises in various areas of law with considerable experience in PRC-related and Hong Kong conveyancing work. He is heavily involved in community service and serves as a director and/or legal advisor in numerous institutions, charitable organizations and governmental committees. Among other responsibilities, he is the Chairman of the Home Purchase Allowance Appeals Committee Panel, Chairman of the Protection of Wages on Insolvency Fund Board, Chairperson of the Travel Industry Authority, Vice President of the Association of China-Appointed Attesting Officers Limited and Vice Chairman of the Basic Law Institute. In addition, he has been appointed as an Independent Director of the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong for 16 consecutive years, and also serves as the Honorary Legal Adviser of the Hong Kong College of Otorhinolaryngologists and Non-executive Director of the Insurance Authority.

    Mr. Ma was appointed as a Non-official Justice of the Peace in 2005. He was awarded the Silver Bauhinia Star in 2007 and the Gold Bauhinia Star in 2017. He was also elected as the Deputy of the 11th, 12th and 13th National People’s Congress PRC.