Professor Cheuk-Fai Leung, Jimmy, SBS, JP

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    Jimmy Leung Cheuk Fai has been an adjunct professor in the Department of Geography and Resource Management, the Chinese University of Hong Kong since January 2014. After working for 2 years in the private development sector, Mr. Leung joined the civil service in 1978. His experience covers district and statutory planning, planning studies and planning of new towns. He served as the chief town planner for port and airport development strategy and later for strategic planning. In 1998, he was seconded to the Central Policy Unit to assist the Commission on Strategic Development in preparing the long term development strategy and population policy. He returned to the Planning Department in 2003 and was involved in the amendment of planning legislation, the Hong Kong 2030 Study, regional planning studies as well as the initial planning study of CBD2 at Kowloon East. He retired from the Hong Kong SAR Government at the end of 2012 after more than 34 years of service. He held the position of Director of Planning before his retirement. From January 2013 to August 2016, he was appointed an honorary professor in the Department of Urban Planning and Design, University of Hong Kong. 

    Mr. Leung holds a B.S.Sc. (Hon) degree in geography from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a master’s degree in philosophy (town planning) from the Bartlett School of Architecture and Planning, University College London. He is a past president and fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Planners, registered professional planner in Hong Kong, a member of the Royal Town Planning Institute in the United Kingdom and a Green Building Faculty member. He also holds the PRC Registered Urban Planner Qualification. In 2013, Mr. Leung was awarded a Silver Bauhinia Star.