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    Mr Matthew TAM - Co-Founder, Lalamove

    The Innostars Award 2021 winner:

    “Back to basics is the secret of innovation.”

    Mr Matthew TAM

    In the past, people had to phone a call centre if they want to hire a truck driver in Hong Kong. As a result of the time-consuming matching process, customers found it difficult to book a truck, and in turn, drivers’ income remained low. But nowadays, thanks to the unrelenting efforts of innovation leaders who brought novelty to the industry, it has become quick and convenient to hire trucks with just a mobile phone app at one’s fingertips. Matthew Tam is one of those pioneers at the forefront. 

    Inventing a New Logistics Model under the Sharing Economy 

    With the aim of solving the problems that traditionally beleaguered the logistics industry, Matthew and Shing Chow co-established Lalamove in 2013. Using big data and unique algorithms, they developed a fit-for-purpose intelligent system that allows users to quickly match with drivers on a digital platform. This one-stop solution has helped enhance the operational efficiency within the logistics industry, improve the experience for both drivers and customers, and meet the needs of the market. 

    Riding on the rapid development of the Internet, Lalamove entered the Southeast Asian and mainland markets a year later. Its mature business model and technical advantages enabled quick expansion to other markets through replication. “Lalamove is committed to introducing a new logistics model under the sharing economy, while introducing a high-speed and all-rounded logistics service in the Internet era,” said Matthew.

    Starting a Business from Zero and Making Innovations Based on the “Basics”

    The company has come a long way as it developed from the initial two-person “experimental” team to the size it is today. Since the beginning of the business, Matthew has been aware that the key to survival is to design their products and adopt an operational strategy from the user’s perspective. Therefore, when the company first started, he met with 3,000 users in order to gain an in-depth understanding of their needs and the difficulties faced by the industry. 

    “The secret to remaining innovative is to embrace a ‘back to basics’ mentality,” said Matthew, “Don’t dwell on past experience and knowledge. Always stay curious.” He often reminds his team not to be complacent but be prepared for rainy days. In order to stay up-to-date, one must keep moving forward. 

    As of 2021, Lalamove operates in more than 30 cities in Asia and Latin America. It also operates under the Huolala brand in 350 cities across mainland China, making it one of the few start-ups in Hong Kong that has emerged into a unicorn company. “We have still got a lot of room for improvement, and need to continue making innovative breakthroughs. Our success will be achieved one day when Lalamove becomes a global household name for delivery platform,” added Matthew.