The InnoStars Award 2019

    12/19/2019 - 17:26
     The winners for the InnoStars Award 2019 have just been unveiled. Pictured are: Mr Tung Chee-hwa (fifth right), Our Hong Kong Foundation Chairman; Dr Victor Fung (fifth left), Group Chairman, Fung Group; Dr Wai-mo Suen (third right), Founder and CEO, ClusterTech; Mr Raman Hui (fourth right), Animator and Film Director; Mr Victor Wong (fourth left), Film Director for Visual Effects and Multimedia Producer; Mr Ken Cheng (second right), Coach Director, Hong Kong Rope Skipping Club; Mr Hai-long Shang (third left), Managing Director, SenseTime Hong Kong (on behalf of Dr Xu Li, Co-founder and CEO, SenseTime);  Ms Wendy Hong (second left), Assistant General Manager – Public Affairs and Research, New World Development (on behalf of Mr Adrian Cheng, Executive Vice-chairman, General Manager, New World Development); Ms Sunny Mu (first right), Executive Director, Hong Kong X Foundation; Mrs Eva Cheng (first left), Executive Director, Our Hong Kong Foundation.

    Six Awardees Across Different Sectors 
    Demonstrate Hong Kong’s Innovation Spirit

    The second InnoStars Award, launched by the Our Hong Kong Foundation (OHKF), has just announced the six Award winners. After two rounds of stringent consideration, a new cohort of six outstanding Hong Kong people with remarkable achievements in innovation and creativity were selected. The Award is established with the aim to inspire more Hong Kong people to engage in innovation and promote a diversified economy in Hong Kong.


    The InnoStars Award 2019 Winners:

    “It is people’s unrelenting commitment that can accelerate progress in history.” 
    ——Dr Xu Li, Co-founder and CEO, SenseTime

    Dr Xu Li set up SenseTime with Professor Tang Xiaoou from the Department of Information Engineering of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2014. In only five years’ time, he has led the company to become the highest-valued unicorn in the market of artificial intelligence, and the frontrunner in China’s technological industry. Meanwhile, the company established the Hong Kong AI Lab as a cooperative venture with Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation in 2018, in the hope of creating more opportunities for creation and entrepreneurship for the Hong Kong younger generations. Dr Xu believes that technological breakthroughs would bring about transformation in life, and that innovation is a journey of unrelenting commitment. Only with dedication and devotion can we bring hopes and change our lives.

    “Authentic technological innovation requires an environment that is conducive to the cultivation of one’s dignity and soul. 
    ——Dr Wai-mo Suen, Founder and CEO, ClusterTech

    Dr Wai-mo Suen dedicated himself to teaching and scientific research overseas for over 20 years. His deep care for humanity kindled his aspiration to drive technological development in Hong Kong. Dr Suen founded ClusterTech in Hong Kong in 2000. He leads his company with the inquisitive spirit of a scientist and the application of high-performance computing technology to create values for clients. The self-developed technologies and products were recognised with numerous awards, and provided the latest computing solutions for hundreds of national institutions and enterprises. Dr Suen believes that genuine advancements in technology should be human-oriented. Only with vision, broadmindedness, and unfailing persistence can people push the development of technology and society.

    “The urge to overcome different challenges stimulates my creative ideas.”
    ——Raman Hui, Animator and Film Director

    With Raman’s enthusiasm for animation and unremitting efforts, he participated in the production of a series of celebrated motion pictures such as Antz and Shrek, and snatched over 30 international awards. Although he has launched a splendid career in animation in the US, he feels that his roots are still in Hong Kong. Raman returned to Hong Kong for the production of Monster Hut, in which he pioneered a daring trial of incorporating overseas experiences into Chinese traditions, and went on to swiftly break the box office record in mainland China. Having been on an adventure from Hong Kong to Hollywood by himself, Raman has come back to the China market. The disparate cultures and acculturation issues did not stop him, but it is exactly the urge to overcome these challenges that stimulates his creative ideas, showcasing the spirits of flexibility and innovation.

    “Creativity arises from daily life.” 
    ——Victor Wong, Film Director for Visual Effects, Multimedia Producer

    Victor Wong, Hong Kong Film Award-winning director for visual effects, is one of the pioneers in Hong Kong multimedia production. He has designed special effects for over 100 films from Hong Kong and Hollywood, winning multiple international and local awards. Out of his passion for Chinese cultures, Victor combined arts with technology, and brought forward the world’s first AI ink painter, Gemini. From advertising and filmmaking to AI ink painting, his innovative energy never seems to run out. He thinks that every corner in Hong Kong demonstrates the richness of life, and inspirations are omnipresent if we pay close-enough attention to the minute details in life. 

    “Incubating culture, creativity, and innovation; driving social progress.”
    ——Adrian Cheng, Executive Vice-chairman, General Manager, New World Development

    Adrian Cheng Chi-kong is determined to integrate emerging industries and traditional businesses through new values and strategies, in which he established the K11 brand to pioneer a blend of three essential elements: Art • People • Nature, in the hope of developing Hong Kong into a “Silicon Valley of Culture”. On top of that, Adrian has also devoted in the promotion of sustainable development, cultural incubation, and start-ups incubation in recent years, to create a brighter and more compassionate future for all. He believes by kindling these small flames, together we can light the path ahead for other like-minded people, to allow society to thrive by cultivating innovation and creativity. 

    “Failure itself is not fearful, but fear for failures is the most fearful thing indeed.”
    ——Ken Cheng, Coach Director, Hong Kong Rope Skipping Club

    Newly entering his 30s, Ken Cheng is the founder of a decade-old company, and he has led Hong Kong Rope Skipping Delegation to score success in many world championships whilst breaking world records. With his innovative approach, Ken has succeeded in infusing his personal ardour for rope skipping to the training of elite athletes. Also, through commercial sponsorship and community care activities, he taught rope skipping to underprivileged groups for the promotion of social inclusion. The experience has clearly manifested the concept of social innovation. Despite the laurels he has earned as a champion coach, Ken pointed out with modesty that all his accomplishments have come from past failures.


    The year’s panel of judges were formed by 19 Hong Kong luminaries from the technology and business sectors. Dr Victor Fung, Group Chairman of Fung Group, is once again the Chair of the Award Judging Panel. Dr Fung pointed out that over 60 nominations were received, with nominees coming from various fields who demonstrated unmatched talent and have made significant contribution to Hong Kong’s innovation industry. The selection process was therefore particularly difficult yet encouraging at the same time. “Through integrating innovation and creativity into their products and services, the six winners have transcended traditional boundaries and demonstrated strong business potential locally and abroad. They also generated a positive and far-reaching impact on society through their contributions. I believe their stories will become a beacon of light for the people in Hong Kong, inspiring many more to innovate for a brighter future for the city.”

    Mrs Eva Cheng, Executive Director of the Our Hong Kong Foundation complimented on the enterprising attitude and inspiring journey of the winners. She hopes their achievements can inspire more Hong Kong people to innovate with unbounded creativity. “The six innovative leaders have been leading the trend through their creative ideas. They fully demonstrated the Hong Kong innovation spirit, which is determined, perseverant, and dare to breakthrough.”


    Winner’s stories