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    Our Hong Kong Foundation “INSIGHT FORUM” Series: Hong Kong Way Forward

    10/27/2022 - 17:57

    The Future of Hong Kong as a Global Talent Hub

    (27 October 2022, Hong Kong)  The severe shortage of talent has become a big talking point among policymakers, businesses, and the public. To address this important economic and social issue, Our Hong Kong Foundation (OHKF) today organized the latest Insight Forum titled “The Future of Hong Kong as a Global Talent Hub”.

    Mr Bernard Chan, Executive Vice-Chairman of Our Hong Kong Foundation (OHKF) and Chairman and President of Asia Financial Holdings Limited, said, “Make no mistake, we are in a war for talent. Countries and regions all around the world have been making unprecedented efforts to groom and attract talent, and we cannot risk falling behind.”

    In his speech, Mr Bernard Chan pinpointed key deficiencies leading to our talent deficits. Within the city, its education system is not yet fully equipped to supply the future-proof talent. Increasing skills mismatch has been echoed by 58% of businesses identifying talent shortage as a key obstacle to their upgrade and transformation plans. In terms of attracting top-notch talent all over the world, the city has not been aggressive enough in courting skilled labour via our visa schemes as there exists a huge mismatch between the eligibilities and benefits of such schemes.

    An adequate supply of talent is needed to achieve breakthroughs for both traditional and emerging industries, with the ultimate goal to enhance Hong Kong’s competitiveness and fulfil the city’s purpose in China’s 14th Five-Year Plan. Mr Bernard Chan highlighted two ways forward: a liveable environment, and the potential to take their businesses and careers to the next level. Locally, the city must step up efforts to cultivate new talent across all industries and to provide working professionals with the resources and opportunities to upskill and reskill. Regionally, Hong Kong should leverage its regional proximity to the Greater Bay Area and beyond to attract ambitious regional talent looking to expand their horizons. Internationally, the city needs to promote itself as a gateway for international R&D talent to unlock the incredible potential of Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area.
    In concluding his address, Mr Bernard Chan stated the Government, businesses and every one has a role to play in telling the story of Hong Kong, a place of unlimited opportunities for talent and businesses, in order to solidify Hong Kong’s status as a talent hub and to take Hong Kong to new heights.

    Mrs Eva Cheng, President of OHKF, said, “Hong Kong has talents, but so do many other big cities that want to rival our position also have a lot of talents. What Hong Kong needs is not just having talents, but to have a critical mass of talents, and to have the best talents call Hong Kong HOME.”

    “Hong Kong Way Forward - The Future of Hong Kong as a Global Talent Hub”
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    Bernard Chan
    Mr Bernard Chan, delivers his keynote speech at OHKF “INSIGHT FORUM”, on “The Future of Hong Kong as a Global Talent Hub”.
    Eva Cheng
    Mrs Eva Cheng delivers a welcome remark at the forum.
    Dr Aron Harilela
    Dr Aron Harilela, Chairman & CEO of Harilela Hotels Limited, said the hotel industry has witnessed mass outflow of talents over the past few years and Hong Kong needs to rebuild our reputation as the smartest city in Asia and the world. Multiculturalism is one of the biggest advantages of Hong Kong and he emphasised that we need to regain the nimbleness, which is our unique advantage.
    Ms Diana Cesar
    Ms Diana Cesar, Executive Director and Chief Executive of Hang Seng Bank Limited pointed out that Hong Kong have made a lot of progress in advocating and promoting diversity. For example, financial sector used to be considered as male dominated, but 66% of directorship is female in Hang Seng Bank today. She emphasised that we need to think broader and be open-minded to rethink how to train and groom the next the next generation to foster creativity and innovation.
    Dr Daisy Yiyou Wang
    Dr Daisy Yiyou Wang, Deputy Director, Curatorial and Programming of the Hong Kong Palace Museum shared her experience of working in Hong Kong and gave suggestions for the young generations: make yourself more all rounded with multiple skillsets and should not stay too shy for new opportunities.
    The Future of Hong Kong as a Global Talent Hub
    A panel of guest experts was invited to discuss the future of Hong Kong as a global talent hub at the forum. Pictured are: Mr Bernard Chan (middle), Dr Aron Harilela (second from left), Ms Diana Cesar (second from right), Dr Daisy Yiyou Wang (first from right), and Mr Stephen Wong (first from left), OHKF Senior Vice President & Executive Director of Public Policy Institute as moderator.
    The Future of Hong Kong as a Global Talent Hub
    Our Hong Kong Foundation has organised a series of three Insight Forums featuring a panel of successful business leaders and experts to discuss Hong Kong Way Forward, with today’s forum the third and final in the series.